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How to map a Windows Event Log Device-HardDisk-Volume to a Drive

You need to map the weird way that Windows logs disk errors in the Event Log with the way you name disks (e.g., Disk 3 in Disk Manager).


When Windows logs a problem with a hard disk in your PC to the Event Log, it uses syntax such as:


That’s not very helpful in general. You can GUESS what drive this is, but you can’t be guaranteed you are 100% correct. To be sure, look it up in regedit. Microsoft has a good article on this as well.

  1. Start regedit.
  2. Assuming you are using SCSI (you do with VMware VMs for example), go to HKLMHARDWAREDEVICEMAPSCSI
  3. Expand the SCSI PORT options.
  4. Find the Target ID that corresponds to the error log.
  5. The Logical Unit ID maps to the drive number in Disk Manager.


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