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MaxBackup Linux agent not reporting to cloud

You have a Linux server being backed up using the LogicNow MaxBackup backup agent.  The agent has stopped responding to the MaxBackup Cloud Console.


  1. First, verify the processes are running:
    $ ps -ef | grep ProcessController
    root 1247 1 0 Jul13 ? 00:05:25 /opt/MXB/bin/ProcessController serve
    $ ps -ef | grep BackupFP
    root 1375 1247 0 Jul13 ? 13:06:19 /opt/MXB/bin/BackupFP
  2. If not, restart the agent. Restart the agent manually
    # /sbin/service ProcessController restart
  3. If the agent is still not responding, force the BackupFP process to end, then restart the agent again:
    # kill -9 `pidof BackupFP`
    # /sbin/service ProcessController restart
  4. The agent should be responding now

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