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Microsoft Outlook reports “Outlook Data File Network Connection Password”

A user is trying to use Outlook, but when Outlook opens it stalls for a bit and then opens a dialog “Outlook Data File Network Connection Password”.


You are most likely using Windows Dfs. Sorry, doesn’t work with Outlook. If you are using Dfs with redirected folders and then storing an Outlook PST file within that redirect folder, Outlook behaves very strangely, including the prompt above.

Correcting this is a good bit of work. Our experience shows that you need to:

  • Not use Dfs for the redirected folder where you are storing the Outlook PST
  • Delete and rebuild the Outlook Profile after you remove Dfs from the equation–Outlook has a problem letting go
When removing Dfs from the equation, you can’t just stop cheat and use serverDfsroot instead of domain.localDfsroot. You have to completely kill the Dfs namespace and then bring up the share normally.

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