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How to Migrate from IMAP to Office 365

You are onboarding users for Office 365 and will be using IMAP to copy email from the old server.


  1. Prepare a .csv of the users to be migrated. There are 3 columns:
    1. EmailAddress: This is the users email address on the Office 365 service
    2. Username: This is the users username on the source server (generally this will be their email address)
    3. Password: This is the users password on the source server (MUST HAVE!!)
  2. Log into your Office 365 Admin Portal, go to the Exchange admin page
  3. Navigate to the Recipients page, click the migration tab, click the plus symbol and select Migrate to Exchange Online
  4. Select IMAP migration and click Next
  5. Click Choose File and add the csv file created in step 1
  6. Fill in the server information for the IMAP server
  7. Name the migration batch and click Next
  8. Click browse to select the user that will be notified when the migration batch is complete, then click New


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