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Modify Public Folder Sub-Folder Permissions in Outlook

You want to edit the permissions on sub-folders of a Public Folder.


The permissions for the top-level of a PF are set at the server-level. For sub-folders, this is done via Outlook and an Owner or Publisher Editor.

  1. Create a top-level Public Folder if one does not already exist.
  2. Set the permissions for the top-level Public Folder as necessary–this is not done in Outlook, but at the server level.
  3. Open Outlook and view the Public Folders available to you. The next steps must be done in Outlook rather than OWA because OWA doesn’t allow you to create sub-folders in a PF.
  4. Select and right-click the sub-folder. In our example, we’re editing the permissions on the sub-folder Sales Incoming. After right-clicking, select Properties.
  5. The Properties window will open. Click on Permissions.
  6. You can now edit the permissions. For our example, we’ll add a user so that they have read-only permission. Click on Add.
  7. An address book of Exchange users will open. Select the user(s) by double-clicking them and then click Ok.
  8. By far the easiest way to specify permissions for this new user is to use the Permission Level drop-down. Here, we’re choosing Reviewer.
  9. Click on Ok.
  10. All done!

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