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How to monitor Buffalo Terastation Disk Space via GFI MAX

You use your Buffalo Terastation for backups or file storage so disk space is an issue. Below is how to create a check in GFI Max to monitor disk space of a Terastation.


First of all, be sure to enable SNMP on the TeraStation. If it is enabled then follow the steps below. If you need to enable SNMP follow the link below to turn it on: http://puryear.wpengine.com/blog/2014/06/17/how-to-enable-…lo-terastation/

Once SNMP is enabled, take note of the  Hostname/IP Address, Community Name and Port number.

  1. Log in to GFI and navigate to a server on the network that will perform the check.
    GFI 1
  2. Go to Checks, Add 24×7 Checks, and select SNMP Check.
  3. Under Vendor select Buffalo Technology Limited, once selected go to Check.
    GFI 2
  4. The check for Used Space % will appear below. Choose the check for the appropriate RAID Array that needs to be monitored.
    GFI 3
  5. The rest of the information will be filled out for you. The only thing left to edit is the SNMP Protocol Settings: Hotname/IP Address, Port, and Community. Save the check by pressing OK and it will run.

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