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Moving a Backup to a New AppAssure Repository

You currently are using your AppAssure Core to backup to one drive, but want to now have it backup using another drive.


This is done on a per protected system basis and is a little painful to do. It’s really impossible to do using the AppAssure Console–instead, it must be done via the Registry on the server running AppAssure Core.

For our example, our O: (OLD) drive is the old repository and N: (NEW) is the new repository. So we start off with O:tevorepository and then various subfolders. Our protected server in this example is dc-3, so we have O:tevorepositorydc-3 . Now let’s move that to N:.

  1. On the AppAssure Core server, stop the AppAssure Core service first before doing anything else. Otherwise you could really mess things up.
  2. Move O:tevorepositorydc-3 to N:tevorepositorydc-3
  3. Now on the Core server, open regedit.
  4. Go to HKLMSOFTWAREAppAssureReplayEPS
  5. Locate the name of your protected server. In this case it is HKLMSOFTWAREAppAssureReplayEPSdc-3.
  6. Now, under the dc-3 key, find target_path. Change the O: to an N: in the value.
  7. Now expand dc-3 to see ProtectionGroupsVolsWithInterval60Minutes and update the target_path key there as well from O: to N:.
  8. Start your AppAssure Core service.

At this point AppAssure should be pointed to O: for that protected server. Notice nothing changed for the other protected server. You must manually update the Registry per protected server.

Be careful when doing this operation! This is your backup data!


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