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Moving a Mailbox in Exchange 2010

You have several Exchange mailstores in your environment, and wish to move a user mailbox to another mailstore. You can do this via the Exchange Management Shell or via the EMC.


This can be done in Exchange Management Console (EMC).

  1. Start EMC.
  2. Find the desired user mailbox under Microsoft Exchange->Microsoft Exchange On-Premises->Recipient Configuration. Note that you can move multiple mailboxes at once.
  3. Click on New Local Move Request.
  4. The New Local Move Request wizard will appear.
  5. Click on Browse for the Target mailbox database.
  6. Choose your mailbox database and click Ok.
  7. Notice that the new database is selected.
  8. Click Next.
  9. Decide if you want to skip/abort the mailbox move if there are any errors when copying individuality messages. Depending on how old the maibox is and the version of Exchange, employees may have some corrupt messages in their mailbox. You have to experiment with this setting to get a real feel for it. We’ll choose Skip.
  10. Click Next.
  11. You will get a summary of your request. Verify it is correct and then click New.
  12. Upon completion, you will be shown a results window. Verify that the request was created successfully.
Note that you have only created the Move Request. To monitor and verify the move request, click on Recipient Configuration->Move Request.

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