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New window doesn’t get put into forefront & focus in Windows

When using 3rd party programs and other Windows commands that open an external default program the program window opens minimized and blinking. For example when having Outlook as your default mail app and using the Windows’ “Send to Mail Recipient,” the new email window stays on the task bar and blinks until you click it or wait for the allotted time that Windows is set to.


A registry entry that is controlling the amount of time until the program can take focus is set too high. We need to adjust that.

  1. Open “Regedit.exe” and navigate to the “HKEY_CURRENT_USER > Control Panel > Desktop” key
  2. Find the REG_DWORD entry that is labeled “ForegroundLockTimeout” (default decimal value: 200000).
  3. Change it’s decimal value to “0” in order to make the program’s window immediately pop up instead of flashing on the task bar.
  4. Log out of Windows and then log back in.

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