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Puryear IT Announces Contest Winner and Awards $1000 Donation to OLOL Children’s Hospital!

Baton Rouge IT Provider Gets New Domain Name and Gives Big

BATON ROUGE, LA – September 13th 2016 – Over the summer, Puryear IT decided it was time for a new domain name for their website that would help local businesses and individuals find solutions faster. The Puryear team decided to host a contest and see what submissions they could get from the community. They sweetened the deal by offering dinner-for-two and a $1000 donation to a charity of the winner’s choice. With summer coming to a close, Puryear IT would like to announce both their new domain name and the contest winner!

Though a winning domain-name wasn’t chosen from those submitted by the community, Puryear was impressed with both the creativity and wit included in submissions. The contest winner, Brad Bendily, was chosen by random drawing and he will be receiving a delicious dinner for two from Ruffino’s on Highland Road in Baton Rouge. More importantly, Brad has selected the Our Lady of the Lake Children’s Hospital Annual Fund to receive the $1000 donation. 

Our Lady of the Lake in Baton Rouge is one of the largest private Medical Centers in Louisiana and is committed to building a healthy community through excellence in patient care and education. Puryear IT is incredibly happy the contest winner chose this cause and is incredibly proud they are able to make a direct contribution to the enrichment of the human-service community in Baton Rouge.

Community involvement – both engaging the community in organizational objectives like renaming their website and engaging directly with community organizations doing important work – is an integral part of the Puryear mission. CEO, Dustin Puryear is incredibly proud of this initiative to stay involved and is excited to continually conduct business in a way that involves the community. “I’m just excited about the whole thing. Yes, we found a great new domain name but more importantly we were able to contribute to Our Lady of the Lake Children’s Hospital in a meaningful way. Hopefully our contest helps spur other companies in the area to find innovative ways to engage the community while also benefiting organizations that directly serves the community, from children to the underprivileged. To make this even cooler, Our Lady of the Lake and FMOLHS is one of our most loyal customers – now we get a chance to contribute back to their mission.”

Puryear’s new home on the web can be found at www.getfasterit.com. The name was chosen as a reflection of the exact priority that all business-owners have when it comes to technology: it has to work and it has to work fast. Puryear IT hopes that this new domain name will help local business owners find what the solutions they’re looking for easily and quickly. The entire Puryear team looks forward to providing optimized solutions, quicker technologies and meaningful IT strategy to clients moving forward. 

If you’d like to connect your business-minded audience with more information about their contest, their new site or what this donation will mean for the Baton Rouge community, please don’t hesitate to reach out to Dustin Puryear to arrange an interview. 

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Puryear IT is a leading Managed Service Provider that companies in Baton Rouge and across Louisiana trust to maintain and optimize their IT environments. Puryear IT is committed to passionately supporting clients by providing extensive IT support, innovation and implementation.


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