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Get Organized Across Your Business and Personal Life with Microsoft One Note.

What is OneNote?

Some people call it a note-taking program, but it’s so much more!  It’s a great Microsoft application that can be used for both your business and personal life. Use it in your business life for content gathering, sorting, sharing, project management and coordination with colleagues. Or use it in your own life to keep organized day-to-day.

OneNote is better than other note-taking programs. Why? Because it’s:

  • Free! There are absolutely no costs involved.
  • Cloud Based, so you can access your notes across multiple platforms wherever you are, via your laptop, desktop, phone or tablet.
  • Capable of integrating with other Microsoft Products.

Getting Started

OneNote may already be included in some of the Microsoft Programs you already use. If not, simply go to the Microsoft website and install it on your computer, phone and tablet. How it looks and acts on these devices may be different, but the content will be the same. This is because Microsoft maximizes how OneNote functions on each platform (e.g., touchscreen on your tablet and phone).

OneNote’s Design Is All About Notebooks, Sections and Pages.

  • Think of your Notebooks as your “houses.” Create separate notebooks labeled “Business,” “Personal” and “Inbox.” (Inbox is where you place things until you sort them into Business or Personal.)
  • Then you can set up Sections (like “rooms” in your “house”) to sub-organize the content in your Notebooks (“houses”). You can color code Sections and add as many as you like.
  • Within your Sections are Pages. Pages are like the “stuff” in your “rooms.” You can enter text, text boxes, and even use a stylus to add information on your Pages. Additionally, you can create subpages to organize your “stuff further.”

Give others access your Notebooks to collaborate, and coordinate for team meetings, projects, presentations and more. Plus, you can password protect Sections that you don’t want to share with everyone. 

Other Great Features

  • Manipulate text just as you do in Microsoft Word. Create bullets, headings, change font styles, etc.
  • Create Tags (these are like quick reminders you can place throughout OneNote) so you can easily search for specific information, such as “To-Dos” or “Meeting Minutes,” and link them to your projects.
    • Tags can be used across multiple Notebooks and Pages.
    • Add milestones and deadlines to your Tags.
    • Include contacts phone numbers in your Tags so they’re easy to find when working on a project.
  • OneNote easily integrates with Microsoft Programs like Outlook so that you can associate your contacts, tasks and meetings.
  • OneNote acts as your meeting notes depository so you don’t have separate documents scattered everywhere.
  • Add tables, charts, spreadsheets and formulas from Excel.
  • Include attachments like marketing plans from PowerPoint, and make “Print Outs” that turns each slide into a page.
  • Insert screenshots, photos, images, URLs, mp3 files and more.
  • Record audio and video right into your OneNote projects.
  • Time stamp your data, video, image, etc.
  • Take advantage of OneNote’s pre-made templates, edit and customize them, or make your own.
  • OneNote Web Clipper allows you to save web pages. You have the option to save an entire page, a region, or just the text. Place a bookmark on the page so you can easily find it later.
  • More on sharing: Let’s say you have meeting minutes that you want to keep track of. If someone goes into your minutes and makes a change, you will see an initial that tells you who that person was and when they added the information. (You can turn this option on and off as you want.) You can further search to find changes made via “author” or “recent” (who was in the notebook last night, etc.).
  • Mini Translator: if you work with people from other countries, OneNote includes a translator. Just highlight the text and you can read the content in your native language.
  • Create links to other Notebooks, Sections and Pages to save time and effort.
  • Use “Doc to Desktop” where you click to open a document and enter information quickly.
  • Create spreadsheets in OneNote and edit them right in the program.
  • “Send to OneNote” turns a web page or image into a pdf so you can easily print it or save it to a notebook. 

Manage your business and personal life with ease with OneNote—We do!  Contact us to learn more! (225) 706-8414 or info@puryear-it.com

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