How to Stay Safe Online Family Edition

We spend significant resources ensuring our children are prepared for the real world. Teaching them to look both ways before crossing the street to making sure they have proper training before getting a driver’s licence.

Why wouldn’t we spend similar effort to ensure they understand the dangers before handing over an iPad or laptop?

In this Special Edition webinar, we will cover best practices on staying safe online – especially for children 8-16 years old.

“Kids ages 8-12 are spending nearly 6 hours a day consuming media – mostly online and almost 1 in 3 parents let their kids use the internet without any restrictions or supervision.”
Netmums, 2016, Common Sense Media, 2015

  • What are some of the online threats you need to be aware of?
  • How can you keep your home network & devices secure?
  • How do you Manage your digital footprint?
  • Are there creeps on chatrooms who want to do harm?
Cyber Bullying

Don’t miss out on this interactive webinar that both kids and adults will find interesting and informative.

Join my colleague Melanie Esteves and I for a very special webcast where we’ll answer these questions and others—on September 23rd at 11 AM. This will be an interactive session and perfect for you and your children between 8 to 16 years of age.

Protect your children. Don’t miss out on this very important event. Your Kids and Teenagers (8-16 yrs) can attend this webinar too!

Dustin Puryear CEO Puryear IT