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Outlook Showing Expired Certificate Errors in an SBS 2008 Network

Users of an Microsoft SBS 2008 Exchange server are receiving a certificate error when opening Outlook.


We are going to create an updated self-signed SSL certificate on the SBS server.

  1. Log on to the SBS server and run the Windows SBS Console; most servers run this by default on login.
  2. Click the Network button at the top of the console, then switch to the “Connectivity” tab. Next to the “Web Server Certificate”, it should alert about the expiration.
  3. In the “Task” list on the right-side of the console, click the “Fix my network” link to start the wizard
  4. After reviewing the machine, the wizard will provide a list of “problems” that need to be resolve.  Make sure that the expired web server certificate is checked (you can uncheck any others if you don’t want it making other changes) and click Next.
  5. The wizard will renew the certificate and update IIS to use new, unexpired certificate.


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