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New Overtime Exemption Rules are Coming... Are You Ready?

On December 1, 2016, the U.S. Department of Labor’s new Fair Labor Standards Act (“FLSA”) Final Rule regarding how much an employee must be paid in order to meet the salary test for certain exemptions to the requirement to pay minimum wage and overtime go into effect. It is estimated that this new rule could impact over four million workers in the first year of its implementation. This presentation will cover the ins and outs of the new salary threshold, as well as how employers can assess and quantify the impact on their company. Most importantly, the presentation will offer potential best practices to address business and workplace expectations while maintaining legal compliance.

Puryear IT is honored to have Baker Donelson share this important information with us on September 27th, at 2:00 PM CST.

Get these important questions answered:

  1. What is the difference between an "exempt" and "non-exempt" employee? Is this the same as salaried v. hourly?
  2. Under the proposed new rule, which employees will be exempt from overtime?
  3. Do we need to have a certain number of employees for the overtime regulations to apply to us?
  4. Will commissions or bonuses be counted as part of the $50,440/year salary level test?
  5. If this rule goes into effect, will we have to convert all of our salaried exempt employees making less than $50,440/year to hourly employees?
  6. Can we limit the number of overtime hours these non-exempt employees work?
  7. What is one of the most important considerations for employers when analyzing these proposed changes?
  8. Are there positions or classifications that are unaffected by the proposed changes?
  9. When will this rule go into effect?
  10. What should we do now?
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KATHLYN PEREZ BETHUNE is a labor and employment shareholder in the New Orleans office of Baker Donelson. She represents clients before the EEOC and state and federal courts, defending them against charges of age, race, sex discrimination, sexual harassment and retaliation. Ms. Bethune defends companies against lawsuits by current or former employees related to federal and state wage and hour laws, including individual and collective actions under the Fair Labor Standards Act. She also conducts internal investigations with respect to allegations of discrimination, harassment, whistleblower, and other corporate wrongdoing and assists clients with drafting and revising employee handbooks and personnel policies.

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ERIN E. PELLETERI is a shareholder in the New Orleans office of Baker Donelson. Ms. Pelleteri's employment experience includes defending employers against claims brought under state discrimination statutes, Title VII, the Age Discrimination in Employment Act and the Fair Labor Standards Act before the EEOC, in mediation, and in state and federal courts. Her employment litigation experience also includes defending nationwide collective actions brought under the Fair Labor Standards Act and related class actions. She also counsels employers regarding personnel policies, training programs and covenants not to compete.

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