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Bartering is the friendly way that talented business owners have leveraged their goods and services to put themselves ahead of the rest of the pack since the beginning of time. Now, your business can use this age-old, successful strategy in a new, technologically savvy way by doing business with Puryear IT in a bartering format on!

Puryear IT is currently offering to place ONLY two Partners1 customers into our Managed Service Provider agreement, which is billed per user per month. This will include all I.T. support, anti-virus, network filtering and protection, and online backups.

You could be ONE of the TWO businesses that take advantage of this limited opportunity that Puryear IT is making available through!

Ready to check out the stellar I.T. services Puryear IT is offering for barter?

Why barter?

  • It frees up financial capital for other growth purposes.
  • It utilizes your current unused resources – time, materials, and manpower.
  • It gets you goods and services for which you may not have had an adequate budget.

A wise business leader will explore any advantage that may benefit his organization. Bartering for the services of Puryear IT through is just the kind of business benefit that could move your I.T. to the next plateau in your growth process.

What does Puryear IT do? Our managed I.T. services give our valued customers:

Completely secure I.T.

Completely secure I.T. environments

Constantly monitored

Constantly monitored and updated business technology

Calculated, strategic planning

Calculated, strategic planning for the next stage of business growth

Combined experience and expertise

Combined experience and expertise of an entire I.T. team

The Puryear IT team wants to meet you! - And your business has unique I.T. issues that NEED the expert I.T. care of the business technology experts of Puryear IT!

Today’s the day that your company can barter with Puryear IT! The high-level, professional I.T. services that we offer are trusted by companies just like yours across the region, and we’d be proud to add your business to the list of our valued clients.