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Password Protect a Microsoft Office 2013 Document

You want to password protect a Microsoft Office 2013 document.


In this example, we’ll password protect a Microsoft Word 2013 document.

  1. With the Doc open, navigate to File, and Info.
    2014-10-10 14_33_40-TOG_Vulnerability scan.pdf - Word
  2. Click the drop down menu Protect Document, and Select Encrypt with Password.
    2014-10-10 14_35_29-
  3. Once selected, a window will pop up asking for the password. This will appear twice, the second time to confirm the password.
    2014-10-10 14_35_40-Encrypt Document
  4. Once completed, the Protect Document button will read as it does below to confirm that the document is in fact password protected.
    2014-10-10 14_36_01-TOG_Vulnerability scan.pdf - Word

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