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How Confident Are You When It Comes to Your



When it comes to Microsoft Office’s suite of programs, PowerPoint is likely right down at the bottom along with Word on the list of programs you would expect to need training to use. It’s pretty straightforward, isn’t it? Open slide, add content. Done. What about that sounds complicated enough to warrant training?

Well, you’re not wrong. PowerPoint is easy to use. But using it well is a whole other story. How many PowerPoint faux pas have you been committing with each presentation? Have you been unknowingly undermining your efforts to get your message across to your audience? When it comes to striking a balance between professional and engaging, are you missing the mark?

If this is the first time any of this has occurred to you, you’re not alone. And Puryear IT can help.

Fill out our quick form to download a FREE copy of our Taking Your PowerPoint Skills From ‘Blah’ to ‘Wow!’ eBook.

This eBook provides an outline of the 5 major PowerPoint “fails” inexperienced users are often guilty of, and offers detailed tutorials on the programs many features, as well as some great tips and tricks for putting together a presentation your audience will be glad to sit through.

Making a few small changes to the way you assemble your slides can make a huge difference. Let our eBook help you make a lasting impression on your audience for the right reasons. You want to leave them talking about your content, not your use of clipart.

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