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Creating a AppAssure Replay 4 Boot BMR CD

You are using AppAssure Replay 4 to protect a server and wish to prepare for Bare Metal Restores (BMR).


Keep in mind that you can restore a protected server using the Restore to VM method which usually works. However, preparing for a full BMR is always best practice since it ensures you have the correct drivers ready to go. Also, the BMR method allows you to restore just a C: if a Windows issues develops.

  1. Log into the AppAssure Core server.
  2. Click on Start->All Programs->AppAssure Software->Replay 4->Download Boot CD Builder.
  3. A download of approximately 300 MB will begin.
  4. Run the setup program and select all defaults to install the software.

The software is not installed on your AppAssure Core server.

Now let’s build a boot CD.

  1. Click on Start->All Programs->AppAssure Software->Replay 4->Build Boot CD.
  2. Boot CD Builder will start.
  3. Most of the default are fine. Be sure to go through each tab to ensure you are fine with the settings, e.g., Credentials, Network, UltraVNC (default password shown in the tab is “bootcd”).
  4. Pay special attention to the Additional Drivers tab. Here you can install drivers that may be needed, e.g., Dell PERC drivers.
  5. Click Build.
  6. The build status will begin showing in Boot CD Builder Status.
  7. Once done, click Close.

If using the defaults on a 64-bit machine, you’ll find your image here:

C:Program Files (x86)AppAssure SoftwareBoot CD BuilderImages

To use the ISO, burn it as a CD or boot from it in VMware to repair a damaged VM, e.g., a bad C: in the VM.


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