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Print an Autotask Resource Utilization Report

You want to print an Autotask Resource Utilization Report. Additionally, you want to print a report for the previous 7 days.


Following is how you get to the report.

  1. Log into Autotask.
  2. Go to Reports in the top menu.
  3. Click on Resource Reports->Resource Utilization in the side menu.
  4. The Resource Report will come up.

Let’s walk through an example report of reporting on utilization for the previous week.

  1. We choose the Department “Service Desk”.
  2. We select the staff we want to report on.
  3. We choose “Reporting Period” instead of “Period” and enter Monday through Sunday. If you do Period “Previous Week”, it’s only Monday through Friday.
  4. We select all of the optional columns except the Posted Hours items, from “Internal Hours” to “Billable Hours Goal %”.

Now let’s read the report.

  • The SUMMARY portion includes the total hours available for each resource. In this report, we see that the billable goal is 32 hours/wk for each resource and that there were no PTO adjustments that reduced that number.
  • The INTERNAL portion includes the hours spent working on internal tasks (i.e., Regular Time Entries and internal Service Desk tickets). Here we see that the first resource spent the most time, roughly 28% of their week, working internal tasks and operations.
  • The CLIENT portion includes billable hours information. (What we call “client hours” since those are hours dedicated to solving customer issues.) In reviewing the first resource, we see that they have 30.80 client hours, of which 4.33 were non-billable (this is an Autotask admin setting–for us, it’s usually travel time and documentation time). Furthermore, there are 4.10 gratis hours–these are client hours that are billable but were not charged, perhaps because it took longer than needed to resolve an issue. All told, this first resource spent 77.00% of their time helping clients. They are at 82.71% of their billable performance goal.
  • Of the three resource, the first came close, the third wasn’t even close, and the second hit the mark!

In reading the above, you’ll note that Performance Against Goal is a measure of billable hours. Depending on how your Service Desk is configured, you may be more concerned about the total of Total Client Hours Worked if you have several non-billable items over which the resource has no control in terms of their billable hours.

When trying to dig into this report to determine wasted hours, use Resource Reports->Daily Work and Resource Reports->Resource Hour Detail.


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