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Puryear IT Now Offering HIPAA Defender

Ground-Breaking HIPAA Management Solution in the Cloud

Puryear IT Announces New Service to Help with Security, Compliance, and Efficiency in Healthcare IT Environments

BATON ROUGE, LA – HIPAA compliance is a top priority for all healthcare providers and similar businesses who support direct healthcare providers. Failure to meet regulations can result in hefty fines, poorly maintained security, improperly trained staff and/or lax protocols that leave business data vulnerable to hack or breech. These combined weaknesses can often result in costly lawsuits and even business-closure in the worst cases. A strategic approach to IT, that offers clients securely protected data, backup and recovery solutions, network maintenance and support, and around the clock IT support can make all the difference with regards to achieving and maintaining compliance.

The team of experts at Puryear IT is proud to announce that they can offer top of the line compliance support to healthcare professionals. In addition to ensuring your business is compliant with HIPAA and HITECH regulations, Puryear offers virtual CIO (Chief Information Officer) services that involve a strategic approach to proactive IT planning that optimizes value for clients. Now, Puryear IT is excited to announce that the support they can offer clients in the healthcare industry has expanded even further. Puryear IT will now offer the amazing HIPAA Defender application to their service offerings and CEO Dustin Puryear could not be more proud. “Our largest customer base is in healthcare and we kept noticing how painful and insanely expensive, both in terms of salary and time, HIPAA compliance management can be.” Puryear says. “By offering HIPAA Defender we can really reduce the overall legal and operational cost for healthcare providers in the Louisiana market to reach and maintain best practice standards.

HIPAA Defender is absolute latest in healthcare IT management and compliance solutions. By streamlining all of your compliance needs into one easy-to-use tool, HIPAA Defender is the quickest and simplest way for healthcare professionals to maintain and manage compliance. This cloud based all-in-one package offers a complete risk assessment, security training for staff, HIPAA Policies and Procedures made available for staff reference, access to the HIPAA Compliance Portal, security incident reporting and access to security professionals who can help resolve issues. Finally, HIPAA Defender provides optimal value to clients through a set of easy to use compliance tools and a set of financial protections from fines and breeches from certain Covered Entities and Business Associates.

For more detailed information about what HIPAA Defender provides: www.hipaa-defender.com.

If you’d like to connect your business-minded audience with more information about HIPAA compliance, it’s importance for healthcare professionals and how HIPAA Defender can streamline compliance efforts, please don’t hesitate to reach out to CEO Dustin Puryear.

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Puryear IT is a leading Managed Service Provider that companies in Baton Rouge and across Louisiana trust to maintain and optimize their IT environments. Puryear IT is committed to passionately supporting clients by providing extensive IT support, innovation and implementation.


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