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Puryear IT On the Scene to Help Baton Rouge Businesses Stay Afloat amid Mass Flooding

Baton Rouge IT Provider at the ready, opening office doors as “Command Center” for Impacted Business-Owners

Baton Rouge FloodingBATON ROUGE, LA – August 15th 2016 – The recent record-breaking flash-floods affecting communities across Louisiana have forced many business-owners to declare their very own states of ‘emergency’ due to office damage or inaccessibility. In an effort to sustain business continuity for Baton Rouge business-owners, Dustin Puryear, CEO of Puryear IT would like to extend an open invitation to all Baton Rouge businesses that have been impacted by the flooding. The Puryear IT facilities luckily suffered very little impact from the storms so they will be set up as a Command Center for businesses who need a stable headquarters to regroup in light of the massive flooding.

Starting Monday August 15th, the Command Center will be open from 8am to 6pm. In a true act of solidarity with the Baton Rouge business community, Puryear reiterates that this is an open invitation for any business impacted. “Whether or not you’re currently using us as your IT provider doesn’t matter. It doesn’t even matter if you’re using one of our competitors, we don’t care. If you need a stable and professional home-base, reach out.”

The Command Center will offer business owners free access to the Puryear conference rooms, internet and power to make any necessary phone calls to insurance providers or other post-flood arrangements. Furthermore, the center will offer dry, air-conditioned comfort for visitors and of course, plenty of coffee to keep things moving. 12 spots will be available at the Command Center, and will be given out as needed until availability and space run out. Puryear is committed to providing local business-owners a professional, safe and comfortable space to take care of business. “If you’re totally at a loss, don’t know what to do and need help please don’t hesitate to get in touch.” Puryear emphasizes. “We care about this business community and know that each and every person we help would have done the exact same for us.”

CEO Dustin Puryear requests that business-owners in need please call to arrange Command Center access before arriving as there is a locked gate surrounding the property. Access arrangements can be made by calling Puryear directly at (225) 706-8414 x1112 or via email at dpuryear@puryear-it.com.

“We know a lot of Baton Rouge is hurting.” Puryear says. “We have internet, power, and some space to offer our customers and the community. While we can’t take everybody, we can certainly do our part to help the community right now by providing a good home base for people to focus on rebuilding their lives and companies.”

For more information about The Command Center and Puryear IT’s commitment to fostering comradery and support in the Baton Rouge business community, please don’t hesitate to reach out to Dustin Puryear. The entire Puryear team is committed to offering safe space and support to all business impacted by these record-breaking floods.

About Puryear IT

Puryear IT is a leading Managed Service Provider that companies in Baton Rouge and across Louisiana trust to maintain and optimize their IT environments. Puryear IT is committed to passionately supporting clients by providing extensive IT support, innovation and implementation.

Dustin Puryear, CEO – Puryear IT
dpuryear@puryear-it.com(225) 706-8414 x1112

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