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Quick Tip! Figure out if Trend Trend Micro Worry Free Business is using Conventional Scan or Smart Scan

You want to know quickly if the locally installed Trend Micro WFBS is using Convention or Smart Scan.


The Trey icon will tell you! Trend has two different types of Scans, Conventional and Smart. Many times, when monitoring these programs, we cannot tell without doing a lot of research or playing the guessing game which scan it is using.

If you look at the screen shot below, there are two different icons. The Blue Icon with the white wavy line is the Icon for Conventional Scan. The White icon with blue outline and blue wavy line with a Green or Red dot (Depending on the status of the program) is the Smart Scan. These icons are located in the Taskbar, and will easily tell you which type of scan the program is using on the device by simply looking at the icon.



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