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QuickBooks reports: There appears to be a problem with the database service…

You are running QuickBooks and get the error: “There appears to be a problem with the database service that is managing access to the company file.QuickBooks can attempt to fix the database service.”

QB Error


You need to set the database to start with your computer.

  1. Navigate to Services. Easiest way is to go to Run and type in Services.msc. Locate the QuickBooks Service.
    qb error 2
  2. Right Click the service and select Properties.
    qb error 3
  3. Select the Log On tab. By default the service uses a QBService AccountSelect Local System Account instead.
    qb error 4
  4. Save all changes by pressing Apply and OK. Restart the service and confirm you can login with no problems.
    It is best to test this is resolved by rebooting the machine multiple times to be sure that the authentication does not change back.


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