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Recovering Files in EaseUs Todo Backup

You want to restore files using EaseUs Todo Backup.


  1. Open EaseUs Todo Backup. Once opened, you select the Recovery Tab to the left.
    2013-09-09 13_05_23-335 423 219 - TeamViewer
  2. Select File Recovery.
    2013-09-09 13_05_43-335 423 219 - TeamViewer
  3. Select the File image that you’ll be pulling from.
    2013-09-09 13_06_10-335 423 219 - TeamViewer
  4. Once at this screen, you have a few things to choose from.
    1. First, you pick a backup date.
    2. Then we navigate the folder being backed up and locate the file(s) and select by checking the box next to them.
    3. Once the date and file(s) are selected, you need to specify a recovery location, you can either type in the path, or browse to it.
    4. Make sure you notice the Replace Existing Files box, and choose whether you’re replacing the file(s) you’re recovering, or just recovering them without replacing the file(s) currently on the machine.2013-09-09 13_08_19-335 423 219 - TeamViewer
  5. At this screen you will verify what you are recovering. Once verified, you click proceed and the backup process begins.
  6. 2013-09-09 13_09_12-335 423 219 - TeamViewer

Once the recovery is done, you’re done! Be sure to verify that the recovery was successful. Once your backup is complete, you can verify it by navigating to your recovery location and open the file(s) you recovered.

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