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Remove Advertising and Analytic URLs from Barracuda Reports

You want to remove ad and analytic sites from your Barracuda reports since they clutter things up.


To filter out Ads and popups as well as Analytics* from Barracuda reports:

  1. Log into the Barracuda device and go to the Reports module. Select the appropriate time frame then click the Show Advanced Options button.
  2. Change the Destination to Category from the drop down menu. Then select both Advertisements & Popups and Computing & Technology and check the box to Exclude Selected Categories.
  3. Choose the reports you wish to run with the selected modifications and send them as normal.
    Below are examples of before and after applying these changes.BEFORE


After Adding Exceptions


*Analytics websites are categorized as Computing & Technology, so be aware there’s a good chance of missing a bit of useful data by selecting this option.


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