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Removing GFI MailEssentials from a Mail Server

You want to uninstall GFI MailEssentials from your mail server.


You need to disable it and THEN remove it!

  1. First off you want to disable mail filtering before removing the software. If you remove Mail Essentials before doing this all mail flow will stop. open the start menu and navagave to “GFI MailEssentials” and then open “Switchboard.”
  2. Once you have switchboard open you should see something like this. At this window you want to click “Disable” to disable the mail filtering.
  3. Once the filtering is disabled then navigate to the “Programs and features” in control panel and remove GFI Mail Essentials.

NOTE: Before you uninstall the software you MUST under all circumstances disable the mail filtering. Do not disable any GFI filtering services either.


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