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Repair Windows 2003 when it fails to boot

Your Windows 2003 server no longer boots properly, perhaps due to a corrupted driver, HAL, etc.

Windows 2003 Repair - IT Support


You can try to repair the installation using the Windows 2003 installation media. This is an often overlooked method, but it often works.

  1. Hit a key when the boot menu says “Hit any key to boot from CD..”
  2. The Windows Setup will run for a bit trying to load drivers.
  3. You will see some options, including “To repair a..”. This is NOT the correct repair option.
  4. Hit ENTER.
  5. Hit F8 in the license screen.
  6. You will now see the list of Windows installations available, or none if this is a new install. There should be at least one option here since we are repairing the OS. Choose it and hit R for repair.

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