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How to reset a stranded user in the SAGE BusinessWorks software

When using Sage Business Works you may receive an error similar to this: The Task Journal Report (ID# 1041) cannot execute due to a network license limit.


This could be related to any task or function within Sage. This error is due to “stranded users” in the system that have not completely logged off. Here is what you can do to reset Sage and release the connections and resolve the network license limit.

  1. Important! Have all users exit Sage Business Works including yourself.
  2. Select Start > Programs > Sage BusinessWorks > DBRegister.
  3. Click the ‘Users’ button.
  4. Click the ‘Disconnect all Users’ button.
  5. A warning message displays that you are about to disconnect all users. Click ‘OK’.
  6. The Sage BusinessWorks users and tasks have been reset. Click ‘OK’ and then ‘Close’ to close the DBRegister.
  7. Launch Sage BusinessWorks and verify that the stranded user or task has been cleared.

Note: If the error “Unable to open smcompanies or smusers” occurs, Sage BusinessWorks may need to reboot the server or workstation it is installed on. Once the reboot is complete users can login as normal.


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