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Reset a User Password in GFI MaxBackup Web Console

A user forgot their password and it needs to be reset.


Change/Reset the password in the Cloud Management Console.

Note you must have superuser permissions to be able to complete this task

  1. Launch the Cloud Management Console
  2. Click on the Partners tab and select users
  3. Select the user that needs the password changed and click edit
  4. On the next screen change delete the password that is in the password field and input the new password
  5. When the user attempts to log in they will get the following prompt the user name password or partner is incorrect. Click cancel
  6. Now click on Actions and select connect
  7. The login to console dialog will pop up select you login and click the edit button next to it.
  8. Now in the login credentials dialog box change the password field to reflect your new password and click save and connect.

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