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Resetting an AD User’s Password Using ADManage Plus

You are using ADManage Plus to manage your Active Directory and need to reset an AD user password.


This is done using the ADManage Plus interface.

  1. Log into ADManage Plus (usually via http://<your-server>:8080
  2. In the Search window, enter the user’s first or last name and click the green arrow.
  3. The results will show up in Search Results.
  4. Click on the user account needing a password reset.
  5. The Modify User Properties window will appear. Click on the Account tab.
  6. Enter the new Password in the Password field, ensuring you re-enter it in Confirm Password.
  7. If the user locked themselves out by entering an incorrect password too often, you may need to deselect the “Account is disabled” filed in Account Properties.
  8. Click Update User at the very bottom of the screen.

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