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Resolve AppAssure AAVolFlt Errors – Event ID 9267

AAVolFlt is the logging component for AppAssure, it writes logs to the hidden System Volume Information on each partition. Occasionally the service may not be able to write to this folder generating the AAVolFlt EventID 9267 errors.


*This solution will require taking a new base image in AA

  1. Launch services.msc and Stop the Replay Agent service
  2. Assign a drive letter to the System Recovery Partition if you have one
  3. Change folder options to show hidden files, folders, drives and protected operating system files
  4. On each drive, take ownership for the System Volume Information folder
  5. Check for excessive or large AALOG files, there should only be one file not more than a few KB in size
  6. Launch an elevated Command Prompt, issue the command: fltmc unload aafsflt
  7. Navigate to the SVI folder within the command prompt and delete the AALOG files. Repeat this for each drive.
    1. cd “c:System Volume Information”
    2. del aalog*.*
  8. Run this command: fltmc load aafsflt
  9. Start the Replay Agent service

Here’s the original KB posting from Dell:



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