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How to Restore a DriveImage XML Image using UBCD4Win

You have a DriveImage XML image on the network on a USB drive and want to fully restore it to a hard drive on a PC.


You can use a UBCD4Win boot CD (see KB articles on UBCD4Win) to boot from a CD on the PC and then find and restore the DriveXML image from the network.

The steps to do this are below. We take our notes from this article:


The steps:

Create the UBCD4Win CD if you don’t already have one.

  1. Boot from the UBCD4Win on the PC you want to restore.
  2. When UBCD4Win desktop loads, click the DriveImage XML desktop icon.
  3. Click Restore
  4. Locate the drive image XML file
  5. Select the destination drive
  6. Restore the data

If the data is not on a local disk or USB drive but instead on the network, you’ll need to access the network drive.


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