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Restoring a Windows server from backup results in: The trust relationship… failed.

You have restored your Windows PC, whether a server or workstation, to an older copy via a backup/recovery process, e.g., via an AppAssure BMR. Your server is now showing “The trust relationship between this workstation and the primary domain failed.”


This is guaranteed to happen if you restore an old image because a Windows PC in an AD network will change its machine password regularly. So the restored machine password is no longer valid. You can fix this by logging in as a local administrator and forcing the PC and AD to reset the machine password.

  1. Log into the restored Windows PC as a local administrator.
  2. Run this command from the command line:
    C:> netdom resetpwd /s:<DCHOSTNAME> /ud:<DOMAIN><DOMAINADMIN> /pd:*
  3. Reboot the PC.

This should fix the issue.


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