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Restoring Data from a Dead Computer Protected by GFI Online Backup

You need to restore data from a dead computer via GFI Online Backup.


In the event that you are replacing a server or workstation and wish to restore data from an old server or workstation to a new server or workstation, then first you must ensure that the storage account used by the old server or workstation is inactive.

To do this:

  1. Switch Managed Online Backup off on the old server or workstation from the Edit->Edit Server (or Workstation)->Managed Online Backup
  2. Select the new server and then click Edit->Edit Server (or Workstation)->Managed Online Backup.
  3. Click Use Another Storage Account. This will list all inactive storage accounts along with the details of the device which last used this account, when this account was last used and the amount of storage used.
  4. Select the account used by the old device and click Select.
  5. The new device will now (only) be able to restore data from the old device using the same procedure described in Restoring to same device. The new device will also now backup to this storage account (only).


Important notes!

  • Only a SuperUser can be used to restore Managed Online Backup Data to another device.
  • When you add the existing storage account, it will take some time before recovery is possible as it is connecting the old data store to the new machine. Possibly several hours!


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