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How to Save an Advanced Search in LinkedIn

LinkedIn is a wonderful tool, but it lacks a powerful feature for the free account: Saving a Search. [Or at least it did when I wrote this blog!]

Note: The Paid version of LinkedIn includes a Save Search feature that can be scheduled to run regularly.


You can do this by creating the Advanced Search in LinkedIn and then saving the URL.

For example, let’s say you are looking for people in Baton Rouge and New Orleans that have the keywords “computer” and “nerd”, but not necessarily “computer nerd”. Every few weeks, you want to rerun the search.

  1. Log into LinkedIn.
  2. Click on the Advanced to the right of the Search box.
  3. Enter this critiria:
    1. Keywords: “computer” and “nerd”
    2. Location: Greater New Orleans Area
    3. Location: 
  4. Click Search

LinkedIn should now show you the results you want. If not, tweak your criteria some more.

Now, save the URL!

In Chrome, you just:

  1. Hover your mouse over the webpage Icon in the URL box.
  2. Drag it like you would drag a file and save it somewhere, e.g., a folder named “Saved LinkedIn Searches”
  3. Rename the saved file to something useful, e.g., “Computer Nerds in Baton Rouge and New Orleans”

Now, just click that file to redo the LinkedIn Search at a later date.



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