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Scheduling an Autotask New LiveReport

You want to schedule a New LiveReport to run on a regular basis.


You can do this via the New LiveReports scheduler.

  1. Log into AT.
  2. Click on Reports.
  3. Click on New LiveReports Designer in the left-menu.
  4. Expand Custom Reports until you find your report.
  5. Select your report.
  6. Click on the Schedule Report icon at the bottom.
  7. Click Schedule Report.
  8. The Schedule Report Wizard will open after several moments.
  9. Name the report based on the person that will receive it to properly document it.
  10. Select the report format to be used. Most often you’ll use PDF.
  11. Click Next.
  12. Now, you’ll set the Recurrence. For our example, we’ll set it to Daily, Every Weekend, at 12:00 AM.
  13. For the Range of Recurrence, you’ll typically just set End After to 9999.
  14. Click Next.
  15. You can alter the filters to be used when generating the report. Typically, you won’t modify this, so click Next.
  16. In the Recipients tab, you’ll need to select the recipient. Click on the To:.
  17. You can email to Autotask Resources, email addresses, etc. Generally, use Resources for internal staff and Other Emails for customers, etc. Once done, click Ok.
  18. Your report is ready to go! Click Finish.



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