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Searching the GFI MailArchiver archive for various mailboxes

You are running GFI MailArchiver (GFI MA) and wish to view the archive of various mailboxes.


Note that by default you always have read-only access to your own Exchange archive. To view other mailboxes, you need to be given permission to do that by a GFI MA administrator.

  1. Log into the web interface for GFI MA, which is usually of the form http://gfi-ma-hostname/MailArchiver. You will use your AD credentials.
  2. You can click on your own user to view your archive.
  3. You can also click the Archive Store drop-down to change the date range.
  4. To view the details of an email in the archive, click it.

Now let’s add other mailbox archives.

  1. Click on the Account List icon. Here we are viewing archives available in each date range. Notice the entry above has “(Deleted)”, meaning that AD account and Exchange mailbox were deleted, but the archive is still available (as you would expect).
  2. Click Cancel.
  3. Type in the first few letters of the person’s name in the Search User to Add field and select the user once it is found.
  4. Click the + sign.
  5. You will now see that archive in your Browse Conversations For column!

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