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You see an error message from Trend Micro oftHotFix.exe when you login

You see an error message from Trend Micro AV Office Scan oftHotFix.exe when you log into your Windows computer.


This happens when oftHotFix.exe doesn’t have the right permissions in the PCCSRVWEbService directory. The file is run every time Trend Micro Services start. Whenever it cannot run, the program crashes. To fix this, you need to update the permissions.

  1. Login to the server
  2. Go to C:Program FilesTrend MicroSecurity ServerPCCSRVWebService
  3. Right-click the file and go to properties and check under the Security tab.
  4. Highlight everyone and check the box for READ & EXECUTE. We are giving all accounts permission to execute this file, so it will not crash when the program runs.
  5. Click Ok and exit.
  6. Log off and login again and check if the erorr appears
  7. If error appears contact Trend Micro support for updates to the specified file.

If that fails to resolve the issue, try reinstalling the web service:

  1. Open DOS prompt
  2. Run these commands:
    C:> svrsvcsetup -uninstall
    C:> svrsvcsetup -install
    C:> svrsvcsetup – setvirdir svrsvcsetup -setprivilege
    C:> svrsvcsetup -enablessl

Via http://community.trendmicro.com/t5/Business-Security-Forum/OfficeScan-10-web-console-keeps-crashing/td-p/7604


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