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Sending a Fax from your PC using RingCentral

You want to send a fax from your PC via RingCentral.


There are 2 ways to send a fax from your PC with Ring Central: By Email and by Printer.

Both solutions assume you have installed the RingCentral Softphone.

By Email

  1. Open Outlook with your RingCentral Outlook Plugin Enabled.
  2. In the “To:” Field type the 10-digit number with @rcfax.com at the end of it.
  3. Type any notes you want to appear on the cover sheet into the subject line.
  4. Attach any files you would like to fax
  5. Press Send.

Here is a screenshot:


You’ve just sent a fax by email!

By Printer

The Second way to send a fax with Ring Central is by printing to the RingCentral Internet Fax on your computer. The printer dialog will open and you can enter the fax number that way. Very easy!


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