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Set your Excel spreadsheet to always fit columns to 1 page width

You want to set your Excel spreadsheet so that when printed it will always fit to 1 page in width, but you don’t want to have to do this via the Print dialog in Excel every time you open the document.


If you love Excel as much as I do, you have also found your own list of pet peeves. One is the constant need to resize Excel pages so that they print properly, either via a Print Region or, in the print dialog, by setting using “Fit All Columns to One Page”.

There is a way to set this forever for a given document.

I am doing this in Microsoft Office 2013.

  1. Open your Excel file.
  2. Click on Page Layout in the Ribbon.
  3. Click Orientation and set Landscape. (Usually. You may want to use Portrait.)
  4. In Page Layout ribbon area, you will find Width. Set that to “1 page”.
  5. Save you Excel file.



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