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Set Permissions on a Windows Registry Key for your entire AD Network

You want to change the permissions on a Windows Registry key for all of your Active Directory (AD) computers.


Created a GPO that sets the permissions!

  1. Log into your Domain Controller (DC)  with Admin privileges
  2. Click “Start”
  3. Select “Administrative Tools”
  4. Select “Group Policy Management”
  5. Expand your Forest and Expand Domains OU
  6. Right Click on the DC
  7. Select “Create a  GPO in this Domain and Link it here”
  8. Name your new GPO respectively and Click “OK”
  9. Right Click on your new GPO and select “Edit”
  10. Expand “Computer Configuration”, “Windows Settings” and select “Registry”
  11. Right click anywhere in the blank area on the right and select “Add Key…”.
  12. Select the Registry Key that you want to set permissions on and click OK
  13. Select the user group or user you want to set permissions for
  14. Select the permissions you want them to have and Click OK
  15. On the Add Object dialog box leave the default selections and click “OK”
  16. You have now created a GPO that sets permissions to a Registry Key

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