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Setup MacMail for Exchange

You want to configure your MacMail email client to work with Exchange.


To set up MacMail you just need to add a new MacMail Account.

  1. Starting from the Mac Desktop, click the Macintosh HD icon.
  2. Select Mail.app.
  3. Open the Mail menu at the top of the screen and choose Preferences.
  4. On the Preferences page, select Accounts at the top of the page.
  5. On the Accounts page, click the “+” at the bottom left of the window. This opens the Add Account window.
  6. On the Add Account page, fill in the information.
    • Full Name: Username as you want it displayed on emails.
    • Email address: Primary email address of the user.
    • Password: Mailbox password.
  7. Click Continue.
  8. On the Incoming Mail Serverpage, fill in the following:
    • Account Type: Click the arrows to select Exchange.
    • Description: This is optional and you can type any account description that is useful to you.
    • Incoming Mail Server: To find the server name, log in to CONTROL PANEL·and navigate to Get Started > Advanced Settings.
      Alternatively, you can have the user log in to My Services to find the server information. At the bottom right of the screen click the Internet Mail Settings link, then click the link How to configure Microsoft Outlook Express. Step 7 will have the incoming mail server information.
    • User Name: Primary email address of the user or the username. To find the username, read the Knowledge Base article on What is my username and primary email address for my Exchange 2007 mailbox?
    • Password: Type the mailbox password.
    • Also set up: Make sure both Contacts and Calendars are selected to have these sync to the Exchange server.
  9. On the Incoming Mail Security page make sure that the box Use Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) is checked .
    Click Continue to go to the Account Summary page.
    Account Summary #1:
    If you used the manual setup instructions listed above, the Account Summarypage should look like this:
    If the Take account online option is selected, Mail will connect to the server as soon as you click Create.
    Please note: Both the Incoming Mail Server and the Outgoing Mail Server will have the same address. This is correctAccount Summary #2:
    If your domain has an Autodiscover record then the Account Summary page should look like this:

    Also set up: Make sure both Contacts and Calendars are        selected to have these sync to the Exchange server. Click the Create button to continue.

Once you click the Create button using either one of the methods described above, you will see the Accounts   screen shown below. This screen will show the basic information about the   account that was just created. At this point the account has been created and   is ready for use.

NOTE: You do not need to enter anything in the field for External Server.

Exchange account access:

Unlike Entourage or Outlook, using MacMail to connect to an Exchange server requires three separate applications to handle Email, Contacts, and Calendar. The three programs are the following:

  • Email: MacMail
  • Contacts: Address Book contacts
  • Calendar: iCal


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