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Setup Microsoft Outlook for a New User with Google Apps Sync

If you subscribe to Google Apps and wish to use Microsoft Outlook, it will be necessary to setup an Outlook profile to work with Google Apps Sync.


  1. Install Google Apps Sync
  2. Through the Start Menu, find the Google Apps Sync folder and launch Set up a Google Apps Sync user
  3. Sign in with your Google Apps account
  4. If you are not prompted to log in, go to Step 5. If you are prompted to log in, the user name will only be the text before the @domain.com portion of your email address.
  5. Scroll to the bottom of the Permissions page and Accept the terms
  6. Switch back to the Google Apps Sync program
  7. Select Create Profile
  8. Click Start Microsoft Outlook
  9. If this is not the first Outlook profile created for this Windows user, you will be prompted with a profile selection. Choose the profile ending in  – Google Apps
  10. Once Outlook opens, a Google Apps Sync progress screen will appear. It is safe to close this window, if you want, you can uncheck the box to keep the window from launching every time you open Outlook
  11. With all of these steps complete, Google Apps will now sync to Outlook

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