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Setup Office 365 as a Relay for your SMTP Devices

You need to setup an SMTP relay in Office 365 for resources that need to send email. This is usually the case with MultiFunction Printers (MFP), etc.


  1. Log into your Office 365 Admin Portal and navigate to Admin > Exchange
  2. Select Mail Flow > Connectors and click the + icon to add a new SMTP Relay connector
  3. Set the From: box to Your organization’s email server and the To: box to Office 365
  4. Add a Name and Description for the Connector and click Next
  5. Click the 2nd option to verify by IP address, Click the + icon to add an IP Address
  6. Key in the public IP address(es) for your site(s) as well as the internal IP addresses of devices/servers that will send email. Click OK
  7. Click Next after the IP addess(es) have been added
  8. Click Save at the summary page
  9. Verify that the sender domain is the same as your Office 365 Activated domain on your local devices

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