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Setup a Webpage Check in GFI MAX

You want to monitor that a webpage is available and accurate via GFI MAX.


GFI is capable of monitoring Web Pages, however settings them up can be tricky as the slightest mistake will cause the check to fail, even if there is really no problem.

  1. Login to your Dashboard, and select the Server that you would like to monitor Web Page Checks (GFI only allows Server Agents to perform these checks, Machines with workstation level agents on them cannot use this check.)
    2013-10-10 09_12_04-Start
  2. Near the bottom half of the page, select Checks Tab then click Checks->Add 24×7 Check->Web Page Check.
    2013-10-10 09_12_39-Puryear IT Dashboard - v5.37.3
  3. Now we type in the URL of the webpage (e.g., www.puryear-it.com). Be sure there are no spaces or any other letters, marks,etc in the URL that are not supposed to be there. Any mistake will have the check marked as wrong.
  4. Expected Text. This is for the text within the page source that should appear, this is what it actually checks..
    2013-10-10 09_13_43-Puryear IT Dashboard - v5.37.3

And you are now done! Since it is a 24×7 check it should do its first run in about 15-60 min after being created.


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