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Share a Mailbox Calendar in Office 365 with Powershell

You need to share a calendar in Office 365 to multiple users.


This can be most easily done by an admin via PowerShell.

  1. Install and configure Windows PowerShell.
  2. Connect Windows PowerShell to Exchange Online

    Run the following to authenticate yourself and import PowerShell commands to your local session:
    $LiveCred = Get-Credential
    $Session = New-PSSession -ConfigurationName Microsoft.Exchange-ConnectionUrihttps://ps.outlook.com/powershell/ -Credential $LiveCred -Authentication Basic -AllowRedirection
    Import-PSSession $Session

  3. Enter the credentials for your Office 365 admin account
  4. Run the following command to target a specific account
    Add-MailboxFolderPermission –Identity <MailboxFolderId>:Calendar  -AccessRight <MailboxFolderAccessRight> -User < MailboxFolderUserId >

Note: The Identity parameter specifies the recipient and folder that you want to change the permissions for, and the User parameter specifies who’s granted permission to view or modify the folder contents of the user specified in the Identity parameter.


Add-mailboxfolderpermission -identity Calendar@contoso.com:Calendar -AccessRight Reviewer -User BGates

This would give BGates Reviewer permissions only to the Calendar.

To set a default permission so everyone would have Reviewer rights to the calendar it would look like this:

Set-MailboxFolderPermission -Identity Calendar@contoso.com:Calendar -User Default -AccessRight Reviewer


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