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The GFI MAX RMM Client Does Not Properly Install TeamViewer/TakeControl

Wen you deploy a GPO or Remote Worker install of the GFI Agent on a workstation the device shows up in the GFI dashboard but does not show up as online or available for “Take Control”.


You’ll need to clean up the computer and reinstall the GFI MAX RMM agent.

  1. First, you need to make sure there are no pre-existing installations of TeamViewer Host, Advanced Monitoring Agent, AND the Take Control Viewer. If there are, then uninstall those first before proceeding. Team Viewer does not cooperate when there’s an existing installation of the agent, but it really doesn’t cooperate if the Take Control Viewer is already installed.
  2. Once these are uninstalled, reboot the computer, and deploy the agent as normal. It should show up in the GFI dashboard after the install, and after a reboot or two, you should be able to use the Take Control function in the GFI Dashboard.
  3. If there is a need for the Take Control Viewer to be installed, then it is acceptable to install it after the GFI agent has installed. The issue is if the Take Control Viewer is installed before the GFI agent is installed.


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