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Top Tools for Network Administrators

We’re always on the look-out for really good tools to help us diagnose and fix problems on networks. This list provides top tools that we use for just that purpose.

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Sysinternals Suite. This is a great collection of Windows tools to help manage Windows, including both old and new versions.

SoftPerfect’s Network Scanner. We use this religiously. It’s small, works well, and is super fast in scanning your network. While not enabled by default, it will also enumerate network and printer shares, sniff out open ports, and return SNMP information.

Firefox Portable. If you are having issues, e.g. IE won’t let you open a website you need to reach to download a network tool, you can run Firefox Portable.

HijackThis. Probably one of the most well-known tools to detect and remove an infection, including rootkits. There is a tutorial here.

Putty Portable. Tired of downloading and installing Putty on every computer you touch? No worries. Just run Putty Portable for your telnet and SSH needs.

Tight-VNC Viewer. Similar to Putty, but for VNC. Instead of installing a full VNC client, just use the portable version.


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