Simplify Employee Training Tracking With Puryear IT’s Training Management Subscription.

There is a lot more to employee cybersecurity and technology training than meets the eye. Effectively educating employees requires developing courses, modules, and workshops, tracking each employee’s progress, updating course material as the subject matter evolves, and adding new courses to cover new necessary topics. And what about basic training that doesn’t necessarily include technology, but is no less vital?

It’s a lot to manage on your own. So why not let someone else worry about all of this for you?

Puryear IT’s Training Management Subscription provides companies with the following:

  • One Time development of a 30 minute digitally-delivered class on your company Vision, Mission, Core Values, Executive Team, and Organizational Chart.
  • A login to our Learning Management System (LMS) so that you can review and report on the status of your employee training.
  • A monthly report from the LMS on the status of your employee training.
  • An automated cybersecurity and anti-phishing education tool that will train you and your team on how to prevent cyber-attacks and to protect your business and personal bank accounts and accounting systems from phishing and social attacks.
  • Assistance in applying for and tracking Louisiana Workforce Commission (LWC) SBET educational grants to fund some or all of the training classes needed by your employees.
  • Input, scheduling, and tracking of the Training Base Track for your team.

Contact Puryear IT at (225) 706-8414 to get started with our Training Management Subscription.

We offer a Base Track series of courses that are recommended for all employees, covering topics such as Microsoft Office programs, Customer Service, Communication Skills, Business Etiquette, and Sexual Harassment.

In addition to our base offerings, we work with clients to develop Custom Tracks specific to the industry you operate in, or your company itself.

Examples include:

  • Day to Day HIPAA Compliance
  • Sales Execution Management
  • How To Handle Irate Customers
  • Knowing Your Office Building, Emergency Exits, and Best Practices
  • Physical Health and Safety
  • Quick Guide to Using Our Software

Get More From Your Subscription With Our Training Reward Program

Puryear IT rewards clients with credits against your UserCare MSP management fees as you train your employees!

As you approach spending $250/month per employee in training classes provided by Puryear IT, we’ll begin giving you credits against your UserCare MSP invoice for that same month. The more you spend on training, the more the credit will be. In fact, as you increase training we’ll increase the credit from $1 credit for every $8 spent all the way to $1 credit for every $3 spent!

Learn more about how our Training Reward Program works by getting in touch with us at (225) 706-8414.

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