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Turning off Open Access with Captcha on D-Link Cloud Command WAPs

You are using D-Link Cloud Command and want to disable the open wifi access with CAPTCHA feature.


D-LinkCloud Command Wireless Access Points have a feature that allows you to create a guest network, and have its security set to login with no password, or even an incorrect password. You only have to input the correct letters in a Captcha and you can access the Wi-Fi. The DLINK Cloud Command console does not clearly state what this is, or how to enable/disable it, so below is how to do just that.

  1. Login to the D-LinkCloud Command Console, this should bring you up the main Network Manager page. Select the Network that would contain the Guest Wi-Fi, and press the small blue arrow within a circle icon to manage that network.
    2013-10-15 15_15_45-Puryear-IT - CloudCommand Master Account Portal
  2. Select the Guest Wi-Fi at the Left hand side of the page under Manage.
    2013-10-15 15_16_08-FUMC _ Puryear-IT
  3. Look at the Checkbox with the words Free Access. This option allows you to have no Wi-Fi password, but still agree to terms and conditions, as well as make you match a Captcha to enter. Simply uncheck the box to turn off the feature. Give it about 2-3 minutes and it will automatically take effect without having to hit a save button or reboot devices.
    2013-10-15 15_16_47-FUMC _ Puryear-IT

There you go!


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